Sunday, October 7, 2007

Covenant College Concert Pictures

Thanks everyone for coming! It was a wonderful to see everyone come out and cheer and sing along. The selection James chose was satisfying for everyone, from the class of '72ers who remember the songs being written to the New City Fellowship youth who sing along on James' latest songs and recordings. I hope everyone enjoys all the recordings they took home. We always have older recordings available for special order, and the new batches of More Like Jesus and Life, Health and Peace arrived for this weekend. We'll update you on the release of the educational CD of Holy Books performed by James with the New City Fellowship youth choir.


jcalvinward said...

Thanks, Kate, for the cool pics! The concert was definitely a thrill as a top notch production team combined with a full table of production that was undeniable!
Playing with Kirk was like saying, "hey, you need to know how to get around some of my old songs, even if you've never played them before."
The crowd was all over the map-- alumni, church friends, even a few students and faculty.
Maybe the next show will have a forward look, as we feature new directions and music. I wrote three new songs after we went to Africa, and they have a fresh, album sound in the demo.
The blog is exciting!

Will said...

James-- It's good to see you're still doing it after all these years. I used to watch you at CDYC (my Dad, Bill Armstrong, directed it), and your songs are still stuck in my mind. "Death is Ended", and "I Belong to You" are two of my all time favorites. I've served as a worship leader in a different churches, and I've always introduced and used your rendetion of "Rock of Ages"... Thank you so much for your faithfulness... God used you to teach me how to worship.